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Robert G. Williams Review | March 24, 2014
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I want to thank you for the excellent job

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did in eliminating the little fire ants from our property. We had a serious infestation that made working on our 4.5 acres difficult and painful. Also, the damage to our pets’ eyes from the ant stings was really tragic. Now after your treatment, we can’t find one little fire ant on the 4.5 acres.

I wish you the best of luck with your new business and I strongly recommend that anyone with little fire ants contact you immediately.


Robert G. Williams
27-774 old Onomea Road
Papaikou, HI 96780

Randall Duryea's Review
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We feel like we’ve gotten our land back!

I have a house on five acres near Pepeekeo. About 2 years after we bought the house we noticed the first bites. Another 3 years went by and we could not even enter the forested areas or trim limbs on our many palm trees. It seemed like it was ‘over’…. The little fire ant was here to stay and we could do nothing about it. Though many people said they had success with various pesticide treatments, we had only moderate success. I started avoiding any yard or garden work, something I enjoy and take pride in. Our infestation had developed to such a point that I settled on just keeping them out of our house with pesticides.

Dylan Shropshire made a convincing presentation to our neighborhood about a year ago. He said he’d completely eradicated the little fire ant from a nearby commercial farm growing dracaena and palms, and could do the same on our properties. Many of my neighbors along Old Onomea Road and the Scenic Highway ‘signed on’ for treatment. It was amazing to see how capable Dylan and his team were at locating the fire ant nests…. In just seconds both he and his team would point out the producing queen. It was also amazing to monitor the process. Dylan’s predictions were spot on… a precipitous drop in populations right after the 3rd and again after the 4th treatment.

The treatments were done on a regular monthly schedule. I was notified ahead of time exactly when the visit would take place and the treatment was remarkably fast and efficent. Because the bait was shot up into the trees where the ants were nesting, there was no need to corral my dogs or other pets after treatment. After six months the ant population is truly gone. I don’t find them anywhere. The other day a very strong wind blew down about 15 of our older fishtail palms. As I chain sawed the 25 foot long palms and dragged away the debris I had not one single bite and saw not a single fire ant. We feel like we’ve gotten our land back and I’m excited to reclaim garden and forested areas of our property that I haven’t been able to effectively tend in several years.

Randall Duryea
Pepeekeo Hawaii

Gummar Botz & Keith Review | May 31,2014
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Aloha Dylan & Crew

I want to thank you & your fine crew of workers for making our yard work a lot more pleasant. The Fire Ant treatment has made in more bearable and pleasant for me and my yard crew to work outdoors.

Would like you to continue the treatment of Fire Ants and I will certainly pass on and recommend you and your fine crew of men to my friends.

Mahalo & Aloha,

Haunani & My Crew of Workers

Gummar Botz & Keith,


P.S. since you started the treatment, my dogs (3) & cats eyes, have not been bitten by Fire Ants. You made the vet very happy.